Girls Exploring Trades and Technologies Conference

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Are there young women in your school who would benefit from a fun-filled day with a focus on the trades and technologies? 

Skills Canada Alberta is excited to present the 15th Annual GETT Conference! Held in conjunction with the 2017 Provincial Skills Canada Competition and Skill City (May 11, 2017), GETT highlights the endless career opportunities that are available in the trades and technologies.  

High School girls will talk with certified tradeswomen, apprentices, and technology experts who have pursued non-traditional careers. Their stories, experiences and knowledge will motivate students to open their minds to the diverse career paths available in today's most dynamic industries.

This valuable, interactive, and fun-filled day includes dozens of Try-A-Trade® activities, entertaining keynote speakers, tours of the competition areas, fun contests, great prize draws, and much more. Students will see first hand the success they can find in careers ranging from computer animation to carpentry, TV/video production to baking, and sheet metal to plumbing.

To participate in Skills Canada Alberta programs, your school must first Become a Skills School. Once your school is a Skills School, teachers register their students for the conference by logging into our portal. Registration for the 2017 GETT Conference opens on February 15th at 8:30 a.m.

Registration for this conference includes a fee of $30/student. Following registration, an invoice will be sent to your school.