Becky Peterson - Education Coordinator

1) When did you begin working with Skills Canada Alberta (SCA)?

I started working with Skills in September of 2013. 

2) How did you first get involved with Skills Canada Alberta?

After being an elementary teacher with Edmonton Public Schools for three years, I decided to explore other rewarding career opportunities in the education field. All thanks to a helpful tip from a friend, Gord King (who had recently started working for SCA - small world!), I applied for the Education Coordinator position! Before I knew it, it was just me and the Skills Wheels cruising across Alberta delivering school presentations. 

3) What is your role with Skills Canda Alberta, and what types of programs would some of our Skills followers be communicating with you about?

Although I am still the Education Coordinator, my role has recently changed. I am now responsible for planning Skills Exploration Days, Teacher & Student Resources, and the Girls Exploring Trades and Technologies Conference. 

4) What has been one of your best memories while working with Skills Canada Alberta?

My proudest moment while working at SCA has been the development of our new junior high program, Skills Exploration Days. From the very first e-mail, to pilots throughout the province and creating teacher resources, I can say that I am part of a CTF program that is the first of its kind in Alberta! I also have so many great memories cheering on students during competition season and will never forget the feeling of excitement during the award ceremonies when Team Alberta students receive their medals. 

5) What is your favourite thing about working with Skills Canada Alberta?

Working with SCA means having the opportunity to travel to so many new places. Whether it be driving the Skills Wheels across Alberta or traveling on an airplane across Canada, there has always been something new to experience and so many amazing students, teachers, and volunteers to meet along the way! It has been a privilege to spread awareness of trade and technology careers and inform students about our amazing competitions, in hopes that one day a student will find a career that they truly love. 

6) Tell us one fun fact about yourself. 

I love summertime! Every summer I go camping back home in northern Saskatchewan to enjoy the beaches and lakes, boating, campfires, fishing (fresh fish fries are the best!) and lack of cell service. But I do miss watching hockey games during the summer months - go Oilers go!

7) If you could learn any trade or technology, which one would it be and why?

Does it have to be just one? Can I learn them all?! After seeing all the trades and technology events live during competitions, I have so much respect for these careers as it takes an incredible amount of intelligence, skill, and dedication to be successful.