Cardboard Chariot Races


Cardboard Chariot Races

October 27+28, 2020 | Virtual Races

For the first time ever, Skills Canada Alberta proudly presents the Cardboard Chariot Race! The cardboard is there, the races are there, the boats are not!

Armed with cardboard, duct tape and a few other odds and ends, junior and senior high school students from across the province use their skill and ingenuity to transform these materials into a pullable chariot. Not only does their chariot need to be quick, but it must be capable of carrying a passenger as well.

Objectives - Design and construct a chariot with only the supplied materials PRIOR to the race days. The chariot needs to have a at least 5 sides, be fast, and carry the weight of at least one person. Materials will be available for pick up the week in Edmonton on October 19 or in Calgary on October 20.

The races will happen online and there will be daily medalists for each race in the junior and senior high categories.

This challenge is open-ended and problem-solving in nature. It involves design, research & presentation, principles of structure, strength, rigidity, friction and direction control, adhesives and bonding, teamwork and FUN!

Cardboard can be purchased directly from Instabox.