GETT Industry Influencers


Help girls GETT ideas, GETT information, and GETT inspired about career exploration! We are looking for energetic Industry Influencers to share their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for their career journey. 

What is an Industry Influencer? By definition, an influencer is a person who affects or changes the way other people behave or make decisions. That is exactly what we hope to achieve with the GETT Conference - to affect the way that young women in Alberta view their career options, and to help them make the best decisions for their own career journey. So to us, an Industry Influencer is someone who is able to impact the views and decisions of young women by sharing their own stories and experiences. 

Industry Influencers take part in round table discussions, sharing their expertise and knowledge with students in order to motivate them to open their minds and try new things. Industry Influencers also hit the competition floor with the girls as they participate in our popular Try-A-Trade® demonstrations and complete the GETT Challenge. 

This interactive, fun-filled day shows students first hand what kind of success they can find in careers ranging from Computer Animation to Carpentry, Photography to Baking, and Sheet Metal to Plumbing. Help show that career opportunities are endless when you roll up our sleeves and open your mind!

If you have questions, contact:

Becky Peterson, Education Coordinator