Mike Sury, Manager of Programming and Resource Relations

1) When did you begin working with Skills Canada Alberta?

I remember that day very well! It was December 14th, 2010. The day I started was the same day as the office move from the Telus Toll building to our previous office on 105th street. Talk about getting thrown into it!

2) How did you first get involved with Skills Canada Alberta?

Back in 2003, I worked for a company that was a Gold Level Supplying Partner for Skills Canada Alberta, supplying tools and equipment for about 12 contest areas. I happened to be the designated lead on the Skills Canda Alberta project for the company. I worked with Skills and with many Provincial Technical Committee (PTC) members from 2003-2010, helping to plan for the Provincial Skills Canada Competition. When I saw there was a job posting for a Program Coordinator at Skills, I said to myself "I can do that!". Skills has been a big part of my life for many years and I am thrilled to be part of the Skills Movement. 

3) What is your role with Skills Canada Alberta, and what types of programs would some of our Skills followers be communicating with you about?

My current role is the Manager of Programming and Resource Relations. I have the fortune of working with our wonderful Skills Team to strategize, plan, and execute all of our diverse programs to the highest standard. I have the opportunity to work closely with all of our valued Supplying Partners to ensure we have all of the tools, equipment, materials and logistical requirements to host programs such as the Provincial Skills Canada Competition and Skills Exploration Days. I also work with our Alberta based Team Canada Competitors, Trainers, and Experts to ensure they have the resources required to achieve success at the international WorldSkills Competitions. 

4) What has been one of your best memories while working with Skills Canada Alberta?

I would have to say that some of my best memories and experiences come from having the opportunity to travel to Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi for WorldSkills with our Team Canada Competitors, Trainers and Experts. It is an amazing experience to watch our competitors reach this intense level competition, showcasing their skills to the world!

5) What is your favourite thing about working with Skills Canada Alberta?

It's the awesome people I get to work with each day. From our amazing Skills Team to all of our competitors, volunteers and partners. It is truly a rewarding and fun place to work! Never a dull moment!

6) Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

Well, I feel I am pretty good at curling, lawn bowling, and I have been known to have some stellar karaoke skills. I also like to spend a lot of my time in the yard in the summer, making sure everything grows. 

7) If you could learn one trade or technology, which one would it be and why?

Landscape Gardening. The skill level, design, and creativity from competitors that I see every year at provincials, nationals, and worlds are remarkable. I would love to learn more in this area and be able to apply the techniques to my own yard.