Countdown to 2022 Provincials:

Randi Cox

Education Facilitator

Hands on, in-person, chatting with students—that’s where you’ll find Randi. Either that, or putting her creative skills into practice developing engaging student presentations to help them on their developmental journey. Randi goes beyond showcasing the myriad of career and education pathways to students. She connects with them, learns from them and helps them to understand and develop their overall well-being. She does all of this with a smile on her face, a bouncy ball as a chair and a relatable personality that students affix to. But how does she really connect with students and excite them to want to think about their future? Randi’s imaginative yet reflective personality and approach has been the key. Exploring new learning techniques and hearing directly from students Randi loves to reflect, journal, go big and create new methods to keep our content engaging and relevant for today’s youth.

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