Randi Tajcnar, Education Facilitator

1) When did you begin working with Skills Canada Alberta?

I started with Skills Canada Alberta in March 2017 - the day after my birthday. It was an awesome gift!

2) How did you first get involved with Skills Canada Alberta?

While pursuing my Education After-Degree, I had a mentor teacher who was passionate about project-based learning and challenged me to turn our traditional classroom into a construction site for a month. It blew my mind to witness the imagination, creativity and transformation that occurred when a classroom full of desks morphed into this hands-on, collaborative environment. Once I graduated, I started looking for jobs that encouraged this style of learning. Lucky for me, our Education Coordinator was taking her maternity leave at this time and I was hired to fill the role of Education Facilitator. 

3) What is your role with Skills Canada Alberta, and what types of programs would some of our Skills followers be communicating with you about?

As the Education Facilitator, I work closely with teachers and students to bring Skills in the Classroom presentations and facilitation into schools across the province. I also showcase our programming at various conferences, teachers' conventions, and community events. 

4) What has been one of your best memories while working with Skills Canada Alberta?

The most exciting moment so far was watching the final countdown at the Landscape Gardening event during the 2017 Skills Canada National Competition in Winnipeg. I was suspended in a sea of black and silver clad Team Alberta fans screaming and waving relentlessly as the timer ticked down from 10-9-8...panic plagued the competition floor, but the look in our guys' faces was one of poise and determination as the timer slid in slow-motion from 7-6-5...the last four seconds seemed to stand still as they placed their finishing touches with deliberation and precision. When the countdown reached zero, the scene erupted in celebration and applause - we all had a really good feeling that our guys had won. At closing ceremonies the next day, after 24 hours of torturous anticipation, I found myself once again engulfed in that roaring sea of silver and black when Team Alberta was called to the gold medal podium. 

5) What is your favourite thing about working with Skills Canada Alberta?

Being a part of the Skills Canada Alberta team is the absolute best part of my job! Every day I get to collaborate with people from all corners of the province who are so passionate about what they do, that I am vicariously infused with their energy and enthusiasm. I grew up playing and coaching competitive volleyball, and I don't think the desire to be part of a team that is continually challenging and supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence will ever leave me. I love the way our team functions and operates in a similar way. 

6) Tell us one fun fact about yourself. 

I grew up on a farm, so my favourite thing to do in my spare time is to get outside and play. I try to share this passion by coaching an outdoor volleyball camp in my hometown of Taber every August. This summer, I got to cross two huge outdoor adventures off my bucket list: 1) joining my friends at Go Adventure Co. leading outdoor camps for kids, and 2) back-country camping in the redwoods of Northern California. The immensity of those trees was awe-inspiring, it still gives me shivers thinking about them!

7) If you could learn any trade or technology, which one would it be and why?

Landscape Gardening for sure! Watching our competitors turn a heap of dirt into a full-size zen garden in a day or two absolutely blows my mind.