Ray Massey - Volunteer of the Year 2010

On behalf of the Board and staff of Skills Canada Alberta, it is my pleasure to recognize the contribution Ray Massey has made to the Skills Movement in Alberta and support his application for Board Chair, Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.  

In 2006, Skills Canada Alberta was approached by Ray and other leaders of the Painting and Decorating industry, to feature the trade in the annual Provincial Skills Competition.  Ray’s goal was to increase the profile of the trade and ensure that Alberta’s Painting and Decorating apprentices are profiled on the provincial, national and international stage.  

Skills Canada Alberta’s success relies on the logistical support, material acquisition and financial contribution of our industry partners.  Ray’s support in all three areas has solidified Painting and Decorating as a fixture in Alberta’s Provincial Skills Competition, a feat no other province or territory has accomplished. 

Alberta’s leadership in hosting a Painting and Decorating Competition, positioned the province in an ideal position to qualify our Gold Medalist as a representative on Team Canada.  In 2008, Tiffany Vandermey, an apprentice of Ray-Nor Painting, secured the position as a two time Skills Canada Alberta Gold Medalist.  Tiffany received extraordinary, year long support from Ray as she trained to represent the country at WorldSkills Calgary 2009.  

In addition to being the employer of a member of Team Canada, Ray took on the role of Workshop Supervisor for the Painting and Decorating Competition at the 40th WorldSkills Competition.  This volunteer position was a demanding volunteer position that required Ray to manage the logistics and setup of the Competition.

In recognition of Ray’s commitment to Skills Canada Alberta, he was awarded with the 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award.  Ray demonstrates infectious enthusiasm for celebrating and developing the trades.  We are pleased to have Ray part of Skills Canada team and know that our students, now and in the future, will benefit from his leadership and commitment to excellence.