Skills in the Classroom

Host a Skills in the Classroom Presentation and learn:

1) What exactly is a trade, what is a technology? And how are the two related?

2) What will the future of work look like?

3) What skills will be in highest demand?

4) What are the differences between an apprenticeship, diploma, and degree?

5) How can Skills Canada Alberta help students connect their interests and talents with the tools and knowledge to build skills for success in the evolving future of work?

We want students to have additional information about the careers in the trades and technologies to assist in their career planning. Our ultimate goal is to change the way students think about trade and technical careers; that hands-on, well-paying work should be regarded as a first-class career choice! 

Randi Tajcnar, Education Facilitator for SCA, received her Education Degree from the University of Alberta and has 2 years of classroom teaching experience. Prior to completing her Education Degree, Randi also pursued a career as an Environmental Consultant in land and Water Reclamation and enjoys speaking from her own experience with trade and technology careers. Touring Alberta with an informative and engaging presentation, Randi will discuss topics such as trade and technology career options, Skills Canada Competitions, and exciting school field trip opportunities. Students will be informed and inspired by the possibilities available to them when they think BIG!

For additional information, or to book a presentation, please contact: Randi Tajcnar.

When booking a presentation, please indicate the dates and times that would be ideal for Randi to meet with your students. Randi is also available to be part of professional development days. There are no fees associated with any of the presentations.