Skills in the Classroom

We know this year has been crazy – so we decided to shake things up a bit! Since future-of-work and peak performance experts keep telling us that wellbeing is the #1 predictor of success and fulfillment, we’ve created a toolkit spanning the “7 Dimensions of Wellbeing” to help you support your students to be well in these wild times. Skills in the Classroom will empower each student with the self-awareness and understanding they need to make career choices that unlock their passion and ignite their potential. Connect with Randi at to bring us to your school – virtually or face to face!

  • Engage students with the most up-to-date local and global future of work research through relatable language and media for teens. 
  • Expose students to SCA programming, which offers opportunities for students to grow new core skillsets, explore work experience in various sectors, and develop their personal and professional networks.
  • Deliver curriculum-aligned content in modules structured around the “7 Dimensions of Well-Being”, introducing a holistic model that empower students to feel and perform at their best.
  • Futureproof students through embodied education – content is delivered through interpersonal practices that allow students to gain genuine meaning and stimulate deep learning.

For additional information, or to book a presentation, please contact Randi Cox.