Try-A-Trade® Take-Out

Try-A-Trade® Take-Out will launch on November 2nd. Stay tuned for more information on how to register your school!

This year in partnership with various industry and education leaders, we will be offering Try-A-Trade® Take-Out! Teachers can order kits for different activities, giving students the chance to test-drive careers and learn new skills. Each Try-A-Trade® kit will include necessary materials to complete the activity, as well as instructions and tutorial videos where needed.

For Industry Partners

Try-A-Trades® and Try-A-Skills are your way of engaging students, transporting them to your industry and inviting students to sample one, or a handful, of tangible skills safely practiced in day-to-day on the job activities. They open minds, break barriers and demonstrate enthusiasm and professionalism that leave a lasting impression- fueling the desire for students to branch out and explore the endless opportunities that were once unknown. 

Contact Amy Matthews, Partnership Coordinator at 780-920-1973 for more information on exhibting as a Try-A-Trade®.