About Us

Developing Alberta's Greatest Resource

We are a part of the national association, Skills Canada, which has offices in each territory and province in Canada.

To meet industry and education demands and in anticipation of future trends, Skill Canada Alberta was established in 1992 to equip young minds with the skills that will help Canada compete successfully in a drastically changing world market. This is accomplished through programming targeted at junior high, senior high and post-secondary students.

Our Mission: Skills Canada Alberta is a provincial non-profit organization that actively promotes careers in skilled trades and technologies to Alberta youth. 

Our Vision: Skills Canada  Alberta will be a model of excellence in the promotion of skilled trade  and technology  careers to youth in our province and in our country.

Our Goals:

To improve the public perception of the importance of trade and technology-based careers.

To promote the career path opportunities within trades and technologies.

To enhance the quality of technological education.

To develop and maintain strong links between business, education, government and labour.

To encourage students to recognize the value of completing secondary and post-secondary education for personal development and future employability.