Countdown to Provincials (May 8 & 9, 2024):


Help us to INSPIRE, DEVELOP, and ELEVATE Alberta youth.

All donations to Skills Canada Alberta make an incredible impact on young people in our province. Students are encouraged to stay in school, to embark on post-secondary education and to pursue rewarding career paths. SCA is proud to support the future workforce as they discover the skills that will help them to succeed – both in their careers and in the rest of their lives.

Skills Canada Alberta programs make a lasting impact on Alberta’s youth through programs and events that:

  • Expose students to trade and technology careers through unique hands-on activities and challenges.
  • Provide opportunities for skill building and craftsmanship through Skills competitions and a model of excellence.
  • Prepare students for the Future of Work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by connecting them to self-discovery practices and industry resources.
  • Connect students to accredited post-secondary institutes and training paths and to ongoing mentorship through our vast network of Skills Alberta partnerships.