Graphic Design

high school

Graphic Designers are responsible for enhancing the visual appeal of a variety of documents, advertisements, publications, and other types of print and digital documents. Graphic Designers work with specialized software, and use images, text and print styles, and visual effects, to communicate a particular message to their audience. 

Graphic Designers are often employed by design firms, magazines and publishing companies, television and film studios, advertising agencies, etc. 

Potential Careers

Graphic artist

Art director


Gabriel Laurel

The Road to Provincials

Step One
Students enrolled in specific skill competitions by their teachers. Interested students should talk to their teachers about completing their registration
Step Two
Leading up to the Competition, organizers will post detailed event information.
Read over your registration package, contest descriptions and other important project information. Check back regularly for updates.
No Events found - check back at a later date
Step Three
Contest descriptions and competition details may be periodically updated prior to the competition deadline. Students should regularly check the required reading on the event page to keep updated on any changes.
Step Four
If a student qualifies for Provincials they should visit the provincial competition event page for important details, including the contest description
No Events found - check back at a later date
Special Notes
If your school is in the North West or South West Regions, you also have the option of competing at their Regional event, in addition to taking part in the Qualifying Competition.