Countdown to Provincials (May 8 & 9, 2024):

Alycia Pawluk

Senior Manager of Programming & Education

Alycia looks great in hats and good thing, because she wears many! Spending a generous portion of the day collaborating with the Skills crew, Alycia supports the communication and education teams in the development of our program strategies. With a clear sight on our organizational goals, Alycia helps to empower the team to tackle our program research, creative ventures and deployment. Alycia also works with nine regional teams across Alberta to support the hosting of the Regional Skills Canada Competitions and various research projects. Oh, and she creates fitness and wellness programs for the Skills crew on her lunch breaks! Wildly passionate, motivated and creative, Alycia is a driving force behind Skills Alberta. Her love for the team and the Skills Alberta family is infectious, and her presence is calming and refreshing. Whether you’re a team member, vendor or partner, Alycia will share with you exactly what’s on her mind, allowing her to cover a lot of ground over a latte! 

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