Countdown to 2023 Provincials:222 days

Javiera de Rossi

Registration Coordinator

Our Registration Coordinator Javiera prides herself on her event planning skill set. She has many years of experience in planning large events, particularly in post-secondary settings. She also has a background in catering. She even loves planning events in her free time for friends and family! When she’s not executing stellar parties and gatherings, she loves to play with her two kids, being outside, and cooking. She says she has no favourites when it comes to food – she just loves all food! Which explains why if she could be an expert in any trade or technology, she’d pick Culinary. “Or anything in the auto industry! Anything to do with a car.”

One of the things on Javiera’s bucket list is to live abroad one day and travel the world. Once she’s retired from Skills that is!

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