Countdown to Provincials (May 8 & 9, 2024):21 days

Mike Sury

Senior Manager of Programming & Resource Relations

Mike is at the helm of many of our programs, helping to strategize, plan, and execute with our Skills team and partners. Mike’s ability to forecast and dig deep has helped us to continuously resource, plan, and improve programs each year. Connecting with our supplying partners, Mike ensures we have all of the tools, equipment, materials and logistical requirements to host our programs, such as the Provincial Skills Canada Competition and Skills Exploration Days. Mike also works with our Alberta based Team Canada Competitors, Trainers, and Experts to ensure they have all the resources required to achieve success at the international WorldSkills Competitions. If our programs, partners, competitors or team have a need, Mike is on it! Mike is our caring captain, ensuring everyone has what they need to keep Skills growing and evolving.

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