Countdown to Provincials (May 8 & 9, 2024):20 days

Victoria Anderson

Manager of Communications

Checking out the Skills website? Reading our newsletter? Liked our latest Instagram post? There is a good chance Victoria was behind that! Victoria is our go-to resource for all external communication, helping to keep our students, teachers, volunteers, partners and stakeholders informed. Not only is Victoria a wiz at multitasking, but she is a passionate storyteller. Victoria loves to see the journey students embark on, watching participants grow to become business owners, instructors, talented craftsmen and inspiring artists. Along the way, Victoria compiles the right communication to keep our Skills community up-to-date, informed and sparked with inspiration and interest in all that is going on. Keep an eye out for more videos from our team because Vic is continuously learning new skills and has been adding Video Editor to her communications toolkit.

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