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Mechanical CADD At A Glance

Average salary
2 years
minimum post secondary
employed in Alberta

Mechanical CADD

A Mechanical CADD professional uses Computer-Aided Design software to translate product design concepts into detailed technical drawings for engineering and manufacturing.

Through the research of the economic, environmental, sociological and physical world, you will aspire to create new or updated products, processes, or technologies in the most efficient way possible. The skills of a CADD professional are used in many industries such as automotive and aerospace, industrial and architectural design, and prosthetics development. CADD is also used in video production to create animated special effects in movies. Driven by research and constant technological advancements, a career as a Mechanical CADD professional will challenge your creativity and give you the opportunity to advance the world we all interact with.

Potential Careers

  • Mechanical CADD Designer
  • Mechanical CADD Drafter

“My favourite part is the people you meet because everyone here has something interesting to say about the Mechanical CADD program.”

Mechanical CADD Competitor