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Photography At A Glance

Average salary
Employed in Alberta


A photographer uses various techniques, such as enhancing lighting or using specialized filters or lenses, to set the scene for film or digital photographs. Photographers also use computer software to modify images, such as cropping them or correcting their colour.

Learning the basics of composition and design lays the foundation for successful photography that captivates an audience and tells a story. With these foundational tools under your belt, you can dive deep into the world of techniques and stylistic exploration. Experimenting with light, exposure, photo editing and printing techniques all come into play to capture the right emotion. Photography plays a role in a variety of industries, including photojournalism, illustrating the nature of a business or product, portraiture, industrial or commercial photography, or as fine art.

Potential Careers

  • Photojournalist
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Studio Photographer

“I gained more passion in what I do. I basically just learned and refined plenty of skills that I can utilize for the future.”

- Michael Urbiztondo, Photography Competitor