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Web Design and Development At A Glance

Average salary
2 years
Minimum Post-Secondary
Employed in Alberta

Web Design and Development

Website design involves the construction of an internet page. Working with specialized software, web designers are responsible for the overall arrangement and creation of user-friendly websites. 

Post-secondary studies in Web Design & Development will set you up with the skills required to write in popular programming languages, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP/MySQL, set up e-commerce integration, web analytics and content management systems like WordPress. You will also learn how to program with responsive design in mind, creating web pages that are functional and visually appealing for mobile, desktop and tablet viewing. Developers have a passion for problem-solving, challenging the existing systems to create innovative solutions.

Potential Careers

  • Computer Animator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Multimedia Technician
  • Web Designer

“I enjoyed the people and the environment created by a bunch of hard-working successful skilled people.”

Phillip Sawyer, Team Alberta, Web Design