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Workplace Safety At A Glance

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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Inspectors evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards, and develop strategies to control risk in the workplace. They inspect restaurants, public facilities, industrial establishments, municipal water systems, and other workplaces to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Studies in Workplace Safety set you up for success in creating a safe workplace for others. As an Inspector, you will identify building hazards, write incident reports, advise on healthy workplace practices and building safety, or educate teams on protocols. There are opportunities to work in a variety of fields as an Inspector such as commercial, industrial, environmental, corporate or food industries.

Potential Careers

  • Environment Health Officer
  • Hazardous Waste Inspector
  • Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  • Pollution Control Inspector
  • Public Health Inspector
  • Construction Safety Advisor
  • Restaurant Inspector
  • Water Inspector

“I have gained an appreciation for the trades and the hard work it takes to be the best.”

Ali Mehraban, Team Alberta, Workplace Safety